December '06 Get Together

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Dec'06 Vancouver, Canada

My parents, my younger brother Mridul, Kochi, Rawni, Laboni & Ronan came to our house in December of 2006 during the holidays. We had a great get together. I took them to Vancouver, Canada for couple days for a short sight seeing trip. Here are some of the pictures.

Anika & Amma at our home

Anika & Amma at our home

Abba, Amma, Anika & Maniza

Maniza, Anika, Amma & I

Abba, Mridul & Anika at our backyard

Abba, Anika & I at our backyard


Abba, Anika & Ronan

Mridul, Kochi, Amma in our living room

All of us

Amma & Laboni

Anika & Sohpia

Space Center, Vancouver, Canada

Maniza, Anika & I

Vancouver skyline from Vanier Park

Science World

Other side of Science World

Science World

Abba at Vancouver Stadium

Space Center

Sunset Beach Park

Sunset Beach Park

English Bay Beach

Abba, Amma, Kochi, Maniza & I in Vancouver

English Bay Beach

English Bay Beach

Mridul at Canada, Washington border


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