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Anika at the Hospital

We were blessed with our daughter Anika couple of years ago. It was the most wonderful thing that happened to our lives. Now our lives evolve around her fickle mood.

She was born at a local hospital in Washington on a Friday morning. I was so nervous when she was born that I could not find my video camera. I took few pictures below with a still camera.

Nurse Susie

Nurse Betty

Anika's Doctor

Last day at the hospital

Amma seeing Anika for the first time

Maniza holding Anika for this first time.



Anika Growing Up

Anika spent first seven months at home with Maniza's mother living with us. After that her tough American life began at Day Care.

Relaxing on the couch

Anika's first toy

Anika with Alom Chachi

Anika is ready for our trip to Banff, Canada

After a cold shower

On our way to Mount St. Helens

Anika's first book

Anika with Shabbir

Anika 2/16/02

With Biddut Bhai

Close up

Anika with Abba

With Mridul at Abba's house

Biddut Bhai's gift to Anika

Gossiping over the phone

Anika sleeping after a long trip to Fairbanks, Alaska

Portrait taken at day care

Anika playing in front of our house

Anika & I

Anika showing off her riding skills

Photoshop touch up

Anika relaxing after a long day at the day care



Birthday Cards



First 2002 New Year Card from Nana & Nani

2002 Eid Card from Nana & Nani



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