Arman & Aiyanna's 1st Birthday





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Abba & Amma celebrated Arman & Aiyanaa's 1st birthday in Davis on October 11th, 2008. The whole Sacramento & Davis local Bangladeshi community helped them organize such a wonderful event. We are all thankful for the occasion.


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Thank you note from Abba

"Dear friends and children,

Anika, Aiyaana and Arman thank you all for making it to the "Mahfil-e-Doa" on October 11, 2008 and offering your blessings to them. They are grateful and looking forward to receiving them continually.

At the same time, my wife Razia, my eldest son Kashiful Islam, and parents of Aiyaana and Arman join me to convey our most sincere thanks and gratitude to you to spare a few hours of your valuable time to attend the occasion.

From the look of it and from various comments, the day's program went smoothly. It was your participation and contributions that made the events very successful. In fact, I would say, it was your Mahfil, and the entire credit goes to you. Nonetheless, I must mention a few names who devoted their time and energy to arrange the Mahfil and helped make it a success.

Thanks to Mr. Rais for arranging the nice hall. All our friends in Davis, particularly M/S. Murshed,  Kibrya, and Selim, helped to create an enchanting and befitting environment for the event.  At the end of the party, many others joined them and spent extra time to restore the hall to its original look. 

Shahin/Lopa arranged the appetizers, for you to be ready for the main dishes. At the food tables, we had Milan, Rahman, Rana, Feroz, Labu, Mukul and others to serve you. Kabir/Milon got additional credit for providing the tea to refresh you.  Thanks to Mr. Zahangir for the pizzas for the children, though we noticed a few adults helping themselves there. My wife Razia and Shanu prepared the delicious Chamchams to help digest your food. Mahbub brought Jilapi to add to dessert.

Shaila worked hard to prepare the goody-bags for our young participants, while Lithy and Shanu distributed them. Children enjoyed a lot to breaking the “Pinata” and got candies, arranged by Lithy. Mr. Munir, Rima and others remained busy to entertain the children and adults. Two little cute angels, Lamisa and Afra added a special flavor to the occasion by a special dance. Farah and Meem also added more color to the event by solo dances. From the clapping and ovations, we could feel everyone deeply enjoyed the songs and music by Abid, Sylvia, Baizu, and Shanu. Respected Baizu claimed all the credit to conduct the entire event smoothly with volunteer kids. Volunteer kids Meem, Farah, Naumi, Shafat, Tonoy, did all the errands and took care of the guests. I hope everybody enjoyed the Magic show! Mustayeen captured professionally all the sweet memories of the party by his camera.

Let me say again, all these were possible by your kind honorable presence and active participation in the programs. If you enjoyed the Mahfil, if the events gave you some pleasure, it was because you did it, you earned it.

Finally, Arman and Ayyana were overwhelmed with the beautiful gifts that came with your blessings. We could sense that these would remain their proud possessions for a long time. Arman and Aiyaana convey a warm 'thank you'.

If there were any lapses on the day, it was purely my family's shortcomings and not deliberate; and, we seek to be apologized.

With sincere regards and best wishes,

Khondkar Family