Abba / Amma in Canada

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Abba & Amma visited Canada in May of 2007. They went to Niagara Falls, Toronto & Montreal. Here are some of the picture of their trip. Jewel Bhai took Abba & Amma to Niagara Falls.

Amma & Jewel Bhai

Abba & Amma

Abba & Jewel Bhai


Amma with Jewel Bhai



They went to Montreal to visit Afsana Khala.

Amma in front of Afsana Khala's home

Afsana Khala & her husband

Amma & Afsana Khala



Pictures of Abba's friends & family in Toronto.

Habib Uncle

Abba & Amma in front of Habib Uncle's home

CN Tower

Samim Mama

Salim Mama's family



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