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Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by and being little interested in me. Let me briefly tell you about myself so that you won't be bored.

My nick name is Bipu and I am from Bangladesh. Grew up mostly in Dhaka. My father (Majidul) who is a Civil Engineer  moved to Malaysia in 1974 that changed our lives. I still remember the night my father told us that we were moving to Malaysia. My elder brother and I were trying to figure out where Malaysia was. I did not stay in Malaysia for too long but used to go there around once a year to see my parents.

I moved to United States in 1984 for higher education. I completed BS from Oklahoma and MS from California in Electrical Engineering.

After my graduation, I worked in San Jose, California for 5 years as a BIOS Engineer. Spent another 5 years in Houston, Texas developing and managing BIOS. For the last 8 years I have been in the state of Washington to manage a group of BIOS Engineers and my responsibility is to provide Reference BIOS for Enterprise Server Platforms to enable the Industry to use our Processor, Chipset & Server Architecture.

I married Maniza in 1995. She graduated from Texas in 1999 in Electrical Engineering with honors. Currently, she works as BIOS engineer and her responsibility is to drive Offshore Development team and deliver BIOS for Server Platform.

Now let me tell you about the softer side of me. My hobbies include playing (loosing money to be exact) in the stock market, traveling, reading computer stuff and of course, eating at good restaurants.

My Goal in life is very simple. You have one life to live, so why not get the best of it.


Email Address: bipu@bipu.com

Anika & I, Washington, August, 2007

Maniza's Graduation Picture

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Graduation Picture, 1989

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Wedding Reception, Sheraton Grand, Houston, 1995

Interview dress

Stonehenge, UK, 1995

Taj Mahal, India

Maniza's graduation in Houston

Moon Pyramid, Mexico

Abu Simbel, Egypt


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