Anise Bhai's Wedding

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Like to Congratulate Anise Bhai on his wedding. It took place today (11/23/07) at 3:40pm at the Lacey Mosque. The wedding was performed by Mohammed Joban. Dinner was served after Magrib prayer. Everybody at the Muslim community were invited. I took the following pictures at the ceremony. Please email me at if you would like to remove your picture for any reason.


Anise Bhai with his father-in-law

Mizan Bhai & Nurullah Bhai

Mohammed Joban

Anise Bhai & Chris

Prince Bhai

Mizan Bhai

Nurullah Bhai

Abdul Aziz Bhai

Tawqeer Bhai

Mustafa Bhai


Nazmul Bhai

Anise Bhai & his wife

Prince Bhai & I (Bipu)

Chris, Anise Bhai & James


Video Clips

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bullet Wedding_Video_Clip_1_(10MB)
bullet Wedding_Video_Clip_2_(10MB)
bullet Wedding_Video_Clip_3 (10MB)
bullet Wedding_Video_Clip_4_(10MB)
bullet Wedding_Video_Clip_5_(1MB)
bullet Wedding_Video_Clip_6_(2MB)
bullet Wedding_Video_Clip_7_(10MB)
bullet Wedding_Video_Clip_8_(2MB)
bullet Wedding_Video_Clip_9_(1MB)
bullet Wedding_Video_Clip_10_(2MB)

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