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Shipping Tips

Here is the Fedex site:

I usually use Fedex Home Delivery.  If it goes to a business then use Fedex Ground and it's a bit cheaper.  (If you select Fedex Ground and it goes to a home it will cost the same as Home Delivery but no delivery on weekend.)

Good for packages of about 5-7 lbs or more because its cheaper and you get insurance and tracking for free.

The drop off is right there in Hawks Prairie.

If you make an account on-line you can print your own label, tape it on the box and drop it off at Hawks Prairie. 

US Postal service

In the US

0-1lb best if First Class (no insurance or tracking)

1-5 lbs cheapest is Parcel Post (no insurance or tracking).

Outside US:

0-4 lbs you can use Airmail Letter Post is cheaper and better

4 or more lbs then Economy Parcel Post

It's important to know if your package is under or over 4 lbs because the rates can change dramatically. 

There's no tracking for International USPS.  Anything that needs insurance needs to go Parcel Post which can dramatically change the cost.  On a high value item you probably want to insure it.  Something $100 or less can probably make it there no problem uninsured.  I've shipped maybe 150 packages overseas with none being lost.  If you put insurance on it it will be the same as having a tracking number, more people are required to sign for the package along the way so there is little likelyhood of it getting stolen.

I tried comparing prices with UPS and Fedex a while back and saw that Fedex is usually cheaper or the same as UPS.  DHL is cheaper but they don't have a convenient drop off in Lacey and they charge for things like pick-up.  DHL is more international so they might have more choices for shipping overseas but I haven't looked into because of the drop off is in Federal way and extra charges they have.

Packing Material
FedEx Office Boxes

12X9X6 = 2 dollars

11X11X11 = 2.25 dollars

17X17X7 = 2.75

20X20X12 = 3.50

Wal Mart 11.75X8X4.75 = 0.97 dollars



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