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Our Family

My father is Majidul and my mother is Razia. I have two brothers. Elder brother is Kashiful (Biddut) and younger brother is Moinul (Mridul). I don't have any sister. All three of us are married now. I am the only one who has a kid.

With Abba, Amma, Kochi and Maniza, San Jose

Kitchen, San Jose

In front of Abba's House in San Jose

Abba & Amma in front their house in San Jose

Get together in San Jose in 1996

In Mridul's apartment in Sunnyvale, CA

Yosemite National Park with Abba, Bhaiya & Tanzir, 1997

Hearst Castle, California

LA in 1990

Get together in our house

Family get together

With Abba, Amma

All of us

Anika with Abba & Amma

My MS graduation cake cutting, 1993

Mridul's MS Graduation Cake

All of us celebrating my wedding and Mridul's MS Graduation

All of us in our house

All of us but Biddut Bhai & I in Mridul's house

All of us in Mridul's bedroom in San Jose


Picture of Myself

Here are some of my pictures taken on special moments in  my life such as ...graduation... wedding...completing final projects etc.

MS Graduation Ceremony

MS Graduation Ceremony with Abba & Amma

Receiving the fake certificate

My apartment in San Jose

My 3000 dollar 20MHz 386 PC, 1990

BS Graduation

BS Graduation day

With my senior project partners

In my room in San Jose

Reception dinner with Shabbir & Lubna

Undergraduate senior project - Photo censor car.

Interview dress

All of us at my MS graduation

I spend most of my free time here

My Computer

My upgraded Dell with dual monitor

My aparment in Scholars Inn, Stillwater, OK

One of my old schools - Pabna Zilla School

I was born in this room, Pabna

I used to live at this apartment in Dhaka. It belonged to my father.


Abba & Amma

My father Majidul was born in Pabna, Bangladesh in 1937. He graduated in Civil Engineering from BUET in 1960 and completed MS from AIT, Bangkok in 1965. He worked 14 years as SDE and Executive Engineer with Water Development Board in Bangladesh.  Amma was born in Pabna, Bangladesh. She grew up mostly in Dhaka. She completed BA (Hons), MA from Dhaka  University. Abba and Amma got married on 4th August, 1961.  They moved to Malaysia in 1974. They stayed there till 1985. Abba worked with the Government of Malaysia and taught Civil Engineering at MARA Institute of Technology.  Abba moved to Brunei in 1985 to work for Ministry of Development for 10 years and my mother taught at Pehin Dato Jamil School. My parents moved to America in 1997. Since 2001, my father has been working with the state of California as a Civil Engineer and mother has been working as a teacher.

Amma in front of Mt Rainier and my car

View of Mt Rainier on the way to Paradise Point

Disney World, Florida, 1988

Highway 1

In front of Abba new car and new house, San Jose

Abba, Amma in front of our house


Apartment in Brunei

Living room, Brunei

Golden Gate Bridge

Oral Robert's University, Tulsa

San Francisco

Abba & Amma in Grand Canyon

Abba & Amma at NASA, Houston

Family Tree ~ Mother Side

Living room, Brunei

Abba & Amma in Malaysia

Amma's School in Brunei

Amma with all the school teachers

Amma's Classroom

Amma teaching


Mridul & Kochi
Mridul is my younger brother. He is the comedian among us. He makes us laugh. He brings out the kid among us when we are near him. He is an Electrical Engineer & works for a Graphics Company. He lives in San Jose with his wife Kochi. She is also studying Electrical Engineering. They can be reached at & . You can meet them at Mridul's Home Page

Center of University of Oxford

Shakespeare was born in the house behind me.

The Our Ladys Cathedral of Antwerp, Belgium

Mridul with his BMW

Mridul & Kochi

Kochi's holud

Mridul with Boro Chacha

Kochi with Moushumi

Mridul's wedding picture (May22nd, 1998)

Mridul's holud

Mridul with Amma and Khala

Mridul with Rawni

Highway 1, 1996

Anika enjoying Mridul's gift



Biddut Bhai & Moneera Bhabi

Biddut is my elder brother. He is the brightest one among us (in terms of color of the skin and brain). He is a doctor. He did his MBBS from Dhaka Medical College. He came to this country after his MBBS degree in 1989. Ever since he came to this country he has passed all possible medical exams that this country could possibly have. He is a GI specialist now. He currently lives, practices & teaches medicine in Chicago. He can be contacted at or His home page address.

Biddut Bhai & Bhabi holding Anika, Chicago

Biddut Bhai & Bhabi in Utah

Biddut Bhai & Moneera Bhabi in our house

Amma watching Biddut Bhai having breakfast at our house

Dhaka Medical College

Arriving at the wedding

Micki Bhai, Nasim Bhai, Mridul, Biddut Bhai and I at Biddut Bhai's wedding

Getting ready for the wedding

All getting ready for the wedding

Arriving at Holud

Praying at Biddut Bhai's wedding reception dinner with Jewel & Ratan Bhai

Abba, Amma, Biddut Bhai & Bhabi

Biddut Bhai with his classmates in Atlanta (Sept. 2003).

Biddut Bhai, Bhabi & Anika at our house

Biddut Bhai seeing me off at Dhaka airport, 1986


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