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July 2005: Hura Khala, Noor Hossain Khalu & Nadim came to visit us this summer on their way back to San Jose from Yellowstone National Park.  We took them to see Washington Capitol, Ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle & Microsoft campus. We really enjoyed their stay with us even though it was only for couple of days.

Noor Hossain Khalu is career diplomat and retired Ambassador. He is also founder of Prakriti Foundation. You can click the following link for more information on Prakriti Foundation.

Olympia Capitol Building

Olympia Capitol Building

Ferry ride to Seattle

Khalu taking video

Ferry to Seattle

Ferry to Seattle

Khala, Khalu, Nadim & Anika

Seattle downtown

Khalu in front of Space Niddle

Khalu in front of Space Niddle

Having breakfast at our home

Having breakfast at our home

Having breakfast at our home

Nadim's BMW

Saying Good Bye



Announcing Happy Engagement

It is with great pleasure that we announce the engagement of our only daughter, Barrister Lolita Lamis Hossain, LL M (Harvard), with Robert James Mcleod, MBA. The engagement took place in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

 Jamie is a mid-level officer in the Health Department of the US Government, while Lamis is working as a Legal Counsel at McKesson.

 We hope to announce the wedding plan of Lamis and Jamie in the near future and would cherish your blessings and goodwill for the forthcoming happy ceremony.

 Ruksana Hossain  & Syed Noor Hossain


Wedding of Lamis and Jamie - Thanks for Your Blessings

Dear Friends and Relatives,

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the wedding of our only daughter, Lolita Lamis Hossain, was concluded in most splendid manner on 16 May 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia. The venue of the ceremony was the beautiful historical mansion, The Wimbish House, located at the heart of Atlanta city. We are grateful to the friends and relatives who were gracious enough to attend the wedding, some coming from far off places. We regret that some of you could not make it to witness this beautiful multi-cultural wedding that blended the best of the East and the West. We missed you.

Our daughter, Lamis, decided to marry the man she loved. We gave all our blessings to her decision and tried our best to make her wedding as colorful and enjoyable as possible. We were lucky to get a venue, a mini castle, which was most suitable for the wedding. We used all the three floors of the building for dressing, cocktail, cake-cutting, and dinner and dance. Some of our guests came from far off places like UK, Turkey and Canada. Others were from Alabama, Boston, California and Louisiana. A couple from Houston could not make it at the last moment.

All aspects of the wedding of Lamis and Jamie were enjoyable from the beginning to end. Most of our guests were unfamiliar with our wedding tradition and for them both the gayehalud and the wedding ceremonies were most exciting and unforgettable experience. At the gayehalud ceremony, the foreign ladies were clad in sari and provided a wonderful look for the occasion. The ladies on the groom's side wore sari too. We wanted to keep the event small and used our daughter's apartment and the rooftop terrace for the party. The groom's party brought a big Red Snapper, wood-smoked. The fish looked as beautiful as it tasted delicious. All the guests participated in the gayehlaud rituals which were fun-filled. We provided Bengali dishes catered by a local restaurant and cooked bhoona khichuri and niramish at home.

The wedding ceremony was spectacular with live music rendered by eminent South Asian musicians performing sitar, violin and tabla as well by a Western pianist. The exciting dance music was provided by a popular DJ. The dinner was a formal sit-down one with black-tie / dark suit as the dress code. The dinner menu was provided by two caterers, combining the best dishes from the West and Bangladesh.

We ordered a magnificent wedding cake in ivory color and orchid motif.
It took a month for the specialist baker to create the floral design which looked so real. The whole wedding ceremony started at 5 PM and ended at 11 PM. However, the celebration continued by the friends at he Presidential Suite of the Mariott Hotel which we booked as the suite for the newly-weds. When every one departed it was already the next day, well past 1 AM.

Lamis and Jamie departed for two weeks' honeymoon in Hawaii the morning following the wedding. They returned with the most exciting and enjoyable experience of their life. .

Prior to the wedding, Jamie Robert Jamie McLeod converted to Islam on 6 May at the Atlanta mosque. The simple ceremony was performed by the Imam. Thereafter, Jamie received congratulatory embraces from the people who assembled for Esha prayer. Jamie joined the prayer too.

Dear well-wishers, we would thank you again for your graciousness and like to seek your continued blessings for the happy conjugal life of Lamis and Jamie.

The photos by the professional photographers will take some more time to be ready. We will put them up later on.

With best wishes to you all.

Yours sincerely,

Ruksana and Syed Noor Hossain



Hello Dear Ones and Friends,

Our daughter, Lamis, has given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Samina Anjali McLeod, on January 31, 2009. She was premature by 18 days. Both mother and child are doing fine. We arrived here in Atlanta two weeks ago to see the baby. Here is the attached announcement from the happy parents and grandparents.

Best wishes,

Ruksana and Noor
Proud Nani and Nana of Anjali


Salima Apa, Abrar Bhai & family at our home, 8/12/06

Sweety Khala's house

Faisal at his graduation


Shabbir & Shanewas at Mt. Rainier

Lamis & Lubna

Lamis & Nadim at Mt Rainier

Lamis & Sonia - Thanksgiving Dinner at our house

Sonia & Shabbir

Shanewas and Lamis showing off each others camera

Lamis & Nadim

Bushra's Akth



Modhu Bhai is Maniza's cousin. He works for the city of Houston. They have been living in Houston for a long time. We went to Modhu Bhai's house on our way to Cancun, Mexico. These pictures are taken at their new house in Houston. Modhu Bhai has a lovely family with 2 daughters and 1 son.




Maniza's Khala & Khalu


Mojhu Khalu in Houston

Rana Khala & Khalu (Dec 99)

Julia Khala & Iftekar (Dec 99)

Maniza with Julia Khala

Maniza with Rana Khala & Khalu, 1999




Maniza's Nana & Nani





Nani & Maniza



More than Family


Chakladar Khalu & Khala

Chakladar Khalu & Maniza's Abba

Inside Chakladar Khalu's house in Aberdeen, WA

Nina Khala cooked an excellent dinner for us

Nina Khala & Chaklader Khalu

Nina Khala & Maniza's Amma

Chakladar Khalu & I

Chakladar Khalu & Maniza's Abba

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