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I wanted to see real Cancun since you cannot really tell the difference between Cancun downtown & America. I hopped on the Bus #R2 and went all the way till the bus ended its route. It started from the flashy Cancun and eventually ended up in a remote Bus Stop. I was getting kind of scared as it went into other poor under developed part of Cancun. Eventually the bus stopped and I told the bus driver that I want to go back. He could not speak English. He showed me some how to get down and talk to other guys in a small room. I told them I want to go back to the hotel zone and they pointed me to another bus. We got on the bus and it finally started and brought us back to Cancun. I never did something like this before. It was kind of good experience for me. For six peso (three each way) I was able to see the real Cancun. I took the following pictures along the way....



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