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Chanchal Dada, Rosy Bhabi, Moushumi, Bintu & Tanvir

The following pictures are of my Cousin's family. His name is Chanchal Dada (Dr. Syed Mozammel Hossain). He is absolutely the best dentist in the whole world. He was the first boy of Dhaka Dental College and was Principal of Dhaka Dental College. Currently, he is Principal of his own Dental College in Dhaka. His mother is my mother's elder sister (my Khala). His wife Rosy leads a NGO in Bangladesh.  Chanchal Dada has 2 children. One daughter, Moushumi and one son, Navid. His son in-law Bintu is also a dentist, currently in Japan doing his PhD. Moushumi is a doctor and currently doing MS in Japan as well. His son, Navid recently graduated from Dental college.

Chanchal Dada

Navid's Wedding picture

Moushumi & Bintu in Japan

Moushumi wearing Japanese dress

Moushumi & Bintu in Japan

Chanchal Dada & Uzzal Dada

I am with Chanchal & Uzzal Dada

Navid in Dhaka

I am with Chanchal Dada & Uzzal Dada in Dhaka

Moushumi & Siddique Bhai in Dhaka

All in Japan


Moushumi's son

Moushumi's son

Moushumi in Disneyland, Japan

Rosy Bhabi in Japanese dress

Moushumi & Bintu in Japan

Moushumi in Washington with us

Rosy Bhabi in Dhaka

Rosy Bhabi in Santa Cruz

Rosy Bhabi in San Jose

Chanchal Dhada & Rosy Bhabi in Dhaka

Navid and his wife

Navid's wife



Uncle & Auntie ~ Father Side (Fupu & Chacha)

I have two uncles. Elder uncle is Khondker Shirajul Islam (retired school inspector) and younger uncle is Khondker Rafiqul Islam. I have six Fupu. They are Jahanara Begum (Ruby), Gulshan Ara (Rose), Hosne Ara (Dolly), Rawshan Ara (Beli), Suphia and Ranga.

Suphia Fupu, Fupa & Sohel (Dec 99)

Beli Fupu, Fupa & Opu (Dec 99)

Doly Fupu & Fupa (Dec 99)

Abba, Bolu Chacha & Dulu Kaka

All my Fupus

Beli fupu, Rose fupu & Rina Apa (dec 2003)

Dulu Kaka (Dec 2003)


Suphia Fupu & Family

Recent pictures of Suphia Fupu & Family 1/20/2010.




Suphia Fupu & Family

Suphia Fupu is my Aunt on my Father side. I went to their house in 1986 from US. These are the picture I took of their family. Suphia Fupu has 2 daughters and 1 son. Shilpi Apa lives in Sydney, Australia, Shopna lives in Rajshahi & Sohel lives with Uncle and Aunt in Dhaka.

Suphia Fupu, Fupa & I


Shilpi Apa

Fupa & Suphia Fupu

Suphia Fupu's family

Suphia Fupu's family



Jewel Bhai & Family

Jewel Bhai is my first cousin. He is the eldest son on my elder Uncle (Shirajul). He is a scientist working in a medical research field. He graduated from Howard University in Washington DC. He has a son named Afeef. He was born on 9/9/04. He got married in 1998. His wife's name is Tasnim. She also graduated from Howard University in Chemistry. They can be reached at

Jewel Bhai, Bibbu Bhabi & Afeef

Jewel Bhai & Bibbu Bhabi at their marriage reception dinner

Jewel Bhai, Bhabi & Afeef

Jewel Bhai's wife Bibbu

Jewel Bhai, Bhabi & Afeef

Shawda Khala & Afeef


Bhabi & Afeef

Jewel Bhai & Afeef


Jewel Bhai & Afeef

Jewel Bhai's wedding reception

Jewel Bhai & Bhabi

Jewel Bhai & Bhabi

Jewel Bhai & Bhabi

Jewel Bhai & Bhabi

Jewel Bhai & Bhabi

Jewel Bhai & Bhabi

Bibbu Bhabi


Russell & Family

Russell is my first cousin. He is the younger son of my elder uncle (Shirajul). He is a big businessman of Los Angeles, California. Russell got married to Shima in 1989. Shima works as an Electrical Engineer in LA. They came to the United States in 1995.They have a son named Seaver and a daughter named Raisa. They can be reached at


Russell, Shima, Seaver & Raisa

Raisa & Seaver

Russell, Shima, Raisa & Seaver

Russell, Raisa & Seaver

Mridul & Seaver

Mridul, Kochi, Shima, Raisa & Seaver

Russell, Mridul & Kochi

Russell, Raisa, Mridul & Seaver

Russell with Abba & Amma


Raisa, Seaver & Afeef

Shima & Seaver


Russell & family

Russel & Shima

Kochi & Raisa

Shima & Seaver

Shima & Raisa

Russell & Chachi, Hollywood

Russell, Chondona Apa & all, Big Bear Lake

Shima & Seaver

Russell & Family

Shima & Seaver




Uncle & Auntie ~ Mother Side (Khala, Mama & Bhai)

I have four Mama. They are Rawshan Ali Khan (Rawshan) , Arham Ali Khan (Setar), Mahbub Ali Khan (Panna) and Masud Ali Khan (Jahangir). I have four Khala. They are Murki, Nurjahan Begum (Khuki), Nurunnahar Begum (Ara),  Sultana Razia Begum (Amma) and Lutfannessa Begum (Mukta). They are all in Bangladesh now. As we are getting old by the Boro Mama (Rawshan), Boro Khala (Khuki) & Boro Khalu are no longer with us.

Choto Mama & Mamu (Dec 99)

Mukta Khala & Khalu (Dec 99)

Boro Khala & Maniza (Dec 99)

Salim Mama, Desi Mami & family in Toronto

Aowlad Bhai and his colleague in Riyadh

Choto Mama & Mami (Dec 2003)

Mukta Khala & Khalu (Dec 2003)

Boro Mami (Dec 2003)

Setar Mama on the left

Panna Mama, Dulal Khalu & Saidul

Panna Mama, Mami, Saidul, Tahmina, Urmi & more


Cousin, Niece, Nephew - Mother Side

I have numerous number of cousins. My favorite one is Jolly Apa. She lives in Bangladesh. She is married with 2 kids now.  I used to live at their house in Dhaka when my parents were in Malaysia. She always made me laugh.

Miki Bhai, Tasmia & Ryeed, 2008

Dipa Apa & family in front of Pyramid, Cairo, 2008

Dipa Apa & Miki Bhai at Niagara Falls, 1991

Siddique Bhai & Beby Apa

Siddique Bhai & Uzzal Dada

Siddique Bhai & Moushumi

Joly Apa with her kids

Poly Apa & family

Popy Apa & family

Olive Bhai & family (Dec 2003)

Popy Apa's husband taking care of business

Beby Apa's husband

Nasim Bhai, Miki Bhai & I

Jolly & all..

Saidul & Tahmina


Saiful's wife Suma

Olive Bhai & Shireen Bhabi in 1994

Rawni, Dec 1999

Ranu Apa, Rashed Bhai, Roopam & Soonam

All of us in Ranu Apa's apartment

Nasim Bhai in Denver, 1989

Urmi with her kids (Dec 99)

Olive Bhai & family (Dec 99)

Rawni in Dhaka

Rony, Chief IT Manager of Technics Computers, 2003.

Uzzal Dada, Bhabi, Tariq & Tarana in their home in London

Joly Apa, Popy Apa & Beby Apa

Chonchol dada, Popy Apa & Joly Apa (Dec 2003)




Get Together at Tanzir's Home, Dhaka

Tanzir went to Dhaka this summer of 2005 very first time since he came to US in 1995 to see his mother. He took the following pictures at a get together dinner at their house in Pallabi, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Tanzir & Khala

Tanzir & Khala

Tanzir with Olive Bhai & Urmi's Kids

Tanzir with Olive Bhai & Urmi's Kids

Tanzir with Olive Bhai & Urmi's Kids

Tanzir with Olive Bhai & Urmi's Kids

Tanzir with Olive Bhai & Urmi's Kids

Tanzir with Olive Bhai & Urmi's Kids

Tanzir with Khala & Khalu

Tazir with Khala & Khalu

Tanzir with Khala & Khalu

Tanzir cutting his Birthday Cake

Tazir & Khala

Tanzar & Khala

Tanzir with Olive Bhai & Urmi's Kids

Tanzir with Olive Bhai & Urmi's Kids

Tanzir with Barek

Rozi Bhabi & Urmi

Rozi Bhabi & Urmi

Tanzir with Uzzal dada

Tanzir with Uzzal Dada

Tanzir with Dipu Bhai

Tanzir with Navid

Tanzir with Urmi's daughter

Dipu Bhai, Moina Bhai & Urmi

Umri, Tazir & Dipu Bhai

Urmi, Tanzir & Dipu Bhai

Choto Mama, Tanzir & Uzzal Dada

Choto Mama, Tanzir & Uzzal Dada

Tanzir & Choto Mama

Urmi, Tanzir & Rosi Bhabi

Urmi, Tanzir & Rosi Bhabi

Tanzir & Rosi Bhabi



Tanzir & Khala

Uzzal Dada, Tanzir & Khala

Chonchal dada, Uzzal dada, Khalu, Tanzir & Khala



Many faces of Tanzir

Tanzir is my cousin from mother side. He is the son of my Mukta Auntie. Tanzir came to USA in 1995. It seems like it was yesterday when I picked him up from Houston airport. He has been living in Texas since then. He is married and has two daughters. He is a Network Nerd. His dream is to work for Cisco. He has completed all sorts of Unix, Microsoft & Cisco Network certification exams and now in the process of getting his BS degree.  He can be reached at . I spent one year living with them back in 1976 in Bogra. This is one of the many reasons, I am grateful to them.

Tanzir with his two daughters, May, 2007


Tanzir's daughter..Bila

Tanzir's other daughter..Zoe

Tanzir's wife

Tanzir at Galveston Beach, Texas

Billa & Tanzir doing chatting on the internet.

From the balcony of the San Luis Hotel, Galveston, TX

Tazir teaching at Cicso Lab!

Tanzir with his immigration lawer right after getting his green card

Billa & Zoe

Tanzir when he was a kid

Tanzir at Pikes Peak, Colorado


Cousins - Father Side


Ratan Bhai with Nobel Laureate President Dae-Jung Kim of South Korea

Olive Bhai & Bhabi in New York

Tutul, Josna, Ishita & Oyon in Sacramento, CA

Chondona Apa, Dec 1999

Orange Bhai in Tokyo

Shilpi Apa & Shopna

Ratan Bhai & family

Chondona Apa & Oroni (Dec 2003)

Rina Apa, Humayun Bhai and their son (Dec 2003)

Mukta Apa with her two daughters

Gini Apa, Pabna, 1986

Gini Apa, Pabna, 1986

Kona, 1986, Pabna


More than Family

These are my second cousins & their family members.

Duke Bhai's father with Riona

Duke Bhai

Bina Bhabi

Tipu Bhai & Family

W Bhai & family

Nipu Bhai & family (Dec 99)

Duke Bhai & Bhabi in front of their million dollar house


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