My Relatives in Dhaka

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My Boro Chachi & Chondona Apa invited us for lunch while we were in Bangladesh during our 2005 visit. I took the following pictures at the luncheon. All my Aunties (Fupu) were also there.

Abba & Anika

Rose Fupu

Chondona Apa


I am with Chondona Apa


Amma, Chondona Apa & I

Amma & Chachi

Amma, Chachi & Maniza's Amma

Amma, Chachi, Chondona Apa & Maniza

Amma, Abba & Rose Fupu

Memories of Nahida

Chondona Apa's daughter

Amma with all my Fupus

Suphia, Ranga & Rose Fupu

Amma with Beli Fupu

All in Chondona Apa's house

All in Chondona Apa's house

All my Fupus

Kibria Bhai




I dropped by Jolly Apa & Beby Apa's house one day...

Jolly Apa & family

Bebi Apa & Siddiq Bhai


Siddiq Bhai with Jolly Apa's kids

Siddique Bhai, Bebi Apa, Jolly Apa

Jolly Apa

Jolly Apa

Olive Bhai





Chanchal Dada & Urmi invited us for dinner and I took the following pictures there...

Falguni & Rosy Bhabi

Olive Bhai & Urmi


Rony & Urmi

Rony & Pata

Rony with


Uzzal & Chanchal Dada

Jahangir Mama, Mami & Khalu

Khala with Amma & Maniza


Boro Mami

Boro Mami

Olive Bhai, Chanchal Dada & Siddique Bhai

Chanchal Dada & Bhabi

Urmi & Dipu Bhai

Abba, Amma, Maniza, Anika & I

All with me

All without me

All without me



I took the following pictures when by cousin Bebi Apa invited us for dinner.




We invited all our relatives to a Dinner Party in Mirpur on January 8th, 2006. Around 280 of our friends and relatives showed up. Here are pictures of few of them.


Chachal Dada

Mira Apa


Mr Chowdhury & Opi Apa

Senti Apa with her daughter

Opu & Beli Fupu

Mejho Mama

Jahangir Mama's family

Jahangir Mama & Mami


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