My Relatives in Heaven

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Boro Mama - Rawshan Ali Khan

Rawshan Ali Khan is my eldest Mama (my mother's brother). He was born in 1928. His father's name was Akbar Ali Khan. He worked as District Engineer in Kustia, Faridpur & Moymongshing. His hobby was hunting & watching games. He died on April 20, 1995.

Boro Mama was Guardian to all of us. He used to guide the entire family being the eldest of my uncles & Aunts. He enjoyed his life to the fullest. He used to take us to Chinese restaurant once in a while when we were in Dhaka. I lived at his home in Kallyanpur for a year. Too bad that I could not pay my debt to him. His sudden death was a very big loss for all of us.

Mama at his Pallabi home, 1986

Boro Mama with Setar Mama

Relaxing at home

Farewell Ceremony at work


Mama with Mejho Mama & Amma at his home

At home

At home

Farewell Ceremony at work

Farewell Ceremony at work

Farewell Ceremony at work

Farewell Ceremony at work

With all my Khala & Khalu

Mama with Boro Khala & Khalu

Watching TV at home



Memories of my Uncle

Khondkar Sirajul Islam (1933-2004), M.Sc. M.Ed is my elder Uncle (Father's elder brother). He passed away in 2004 at the age of 71. He served as science teacher in many schools of Bangladesh. He retired as the Inspector of Schools. He has two sons and one daughter. He was my guardian when I was in Bangladesh while my parents were in Malaysia & Brunei. We miss him a lot. My father was very close to him. He was a very simple person. He smiled a lot and always dressed nicely. He admitted me to Pabna Zilla School & Motijheel School in Bangladesh. He suffered a lot during last year of his life. May Allah award him Jannatul Ferdous. Amin.

Boro Chacha

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, Fall 98

Boro Chacha in USA

Dinner Party

With Ratan Bhai, Fall 98

Boro Chacha

Black & White

Chacha, July 28, 2004

Chacha, Dec, 2003

Chacha with Mollika, July 28, 2004

Chacha with Kochi, July 28, 2004

Chacha with Chandona Apa, July 28, 2004

Chacha with Kibria Bhai, Dec, 2003

Chacha, Dec, 1999




Memories of Dada & Dadi

My Dada Khondker Abdul Kader was born on December 17th, 1904 (Friday) He passed Matriculation Examination and joined the postal service on 5th October 1927. He married on 29th March 1930 ( Monday). He retired on 31st January, 1967. He had 3 sons and 7 daughters. He died  on 2nd September 1990 at Pabna Hospital. My Dadi, Jaynab Khatun was born on  7th Dac 1915 Tuesday. She got married on 29th March 1930 and died on 12th March 1999, Thursday night.

My memories of Dada & Dadi: I spent a year with my dada & dadi in 1978 in Pabna. That was one of my happiest childhood memories I cherish. Dadi used to take great care me. Dada was retired then. Dada used to wake up late in the morning. Complained about not falling asleep fast at night due to his old age. He used to pray 5 times a day. All our our cousins used to pray behind him on weekends & nights. He used to keep meticulous track of daily expenses. Dada loved to comb his hair & beard. He always had a mirror close to him.

Dadi, Chacha & Maniza's Amma

Dadi in Pabna, 1986

Dada & Dadi


I visited Dada in Pabna in 1986

Dada in Pabna, 1986

Dada in Pabna, 1986



Boro Khala & Khalu

Memories of my Boro Khala & Khalu: Boro Khala was the kindest of our relatives. She was widely know for helping poor people. I used to see poor people always coming and going from her village. Her house was often full with poor people.



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